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Posted 2/5/2011 5:24:00 PM
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Uploading and Displaying you Logo on the Website


Getting your logo onto your website is a 3 stage process.


1) Uploading the logo image to your website.

2) Telling the website where to display the logo.

3) Publishing your changes to the live website.


Uploading the logo


There are several different ways to get your logo image onto the website. 


1) Upload it using the 'Website Tools' off the main admin menu and choosing 'Upload Files and Images to your website'.  The webpage allows you to pick a file off your local computer and upload it to various places on the website.  In this case choose: 'Main Images Directory'


2) Many places in the Look & Feel setup web pages  have a 'upload image' button that does the same as above.  This only uploads the image to the website... it does not display the logo.


3) FTPing the images up to the website.  If you have a large number of images to upload this could be quicker.  The directory to FTP images into is '/httpdocs/images'


Displaying the logo


While you can display images just about anywhere on the website there are 2 places dedicated to logos:


1) At the top of every page.  This is generally for logos that are wide lengthwise but short height wise.  You enter the image name in 'General Settings' => 'General Book Store Look & Feel' => 'Edit Page Header'   You also have a choice on how the logo is aligned on the page.  Long logos look best centered while shorting logos tend to look better aligned to the left or right.


2) Above the categories.  Square, rectangle, or round logos can be put in the left column at the top.  The max width is around 200px.  To add this logo go to 'General Settings' => 'General Book Store Look & Feel' => 'Edit Left Column'.  You can also add a URL to which the image will go to when clicked.


You are allowed to have logos in both places if you wish.


Publishing Your changes to the live website


As with all changes you make in the website editor clicking the 'Copy All Changes to Live Website' will make all changes live.


Warning - Uploaded images are always live.  If you already have a logo change logo.jpg on your website and you upload another image called logo.jpg it will automatically replace the original.

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