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Posted 1/19/2011 2:17:58 AM
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As promised I'm really trying to devote the majority of my programming time to adding enhancements to the websites.

WhiteOakBooks is proud to announce two new major website features that we feel really set us apart from our competitors.




Discounts are different then coupons in three major ways:


1) Coupons offer an amount off the order based on a coupon code the customer has to have.  Discounts are amounts off orders or individual items that are automatically triggered by the items the customer purchases.


For example you might want to offer $5 off if you purchase 2 items at once... or offer 10% all items purchased from the 'Bargain Bin' category of books.


With coupons it would be hard to offer these specials but discounts would be applied automatically as they added eligible items to the shopping cart.


2) Coupons tend to apply to the whole cart.  Some systems allow coupons based on a number of items bought but the items bought are generic.  Discounts allow you to offer specific discounts based on specific items bought.  (without the customer having to do anything other then buying the items)


3) Shopping Carts tend to only allow one coupon at a time.  Since discounts are triggered by specific items added to the cart multiple discounts can apply to one order.


WOBBookSite Discount Specifics


We currently offer 4 discount triggers.


1) Buy 'all' of a set of SKUs.   You have a related 2,3,4 whatever items and you want to offer a discount if the customer buys all of them.


2) Buy 'a defined' number of a set of SKUs.  You have a related group of items and you want to offer a discount if they buy 3 ( or any other number ) of the group.


3) Category Trigger.  A discount is offered if the customer buys an item from a specific category.  You might offer an additional 10% off items bought from a 'Bargain Bin' category ( using our multi-category feature ).


4) Total cart amount.  You can offer a discount based on the total amount of items bought.


We at WhiteOakBooks are excited about this new Discount functionality and look forward to offering more enhancement to it in the future.  The biggest next enhancement in the area will be the shopping cart automatically letting the customer know that they have added a piece of a discount to the cart and letting them know what else they need to purchase to be eligible for the discount.


The functionality is available in Release 4.04.2 by request. 


Website Announcements


Having a sale you want to advertise on all pages of your website?  Offering a discount on a certain category of items?  Offering a 'buy 2 specific items and receive a discount' that you want to advertise on those product detail pages?  Want to let customers know early December that they need to choose an expedited shipping method for items to be delivered by Christmas?


How do you let your website visitors know about these temporary events?


You can put it on your homepage... but not everyone sees the homepage.


You can add it to the individual product descriptions... but that is time consuming and you have to remove it later. 


WOBBookSite websites have solved the problem with Website Announcements.


It is really a simple concept.  You go to one place in your Website Control panel and enter the text of your announcement.   Then you choose where you want the announcement to appear.


The current choices are:


1) On All Pages

2) On Home Page only

3) On All Product Category Pages

4) On All Product Detail Pages

5) On All Search Pages

6) On a specific Category Page

7) On one or more specific product Detail Pages.


You can also keep a standard announcement and turn activate/deactivate it when necessary.


The functionality is available in Release 4.04.2 by request.  



Other Recent Functionality Added to the Websites in the last 6 months


Enhanced user supplied image functionality.

Support of multiple user images for an item

Multiple categories for an item supported.

USPS postage API integration

Override standard shipping per SKU

Append AOB private fields to any other field

Recently Viewed Items

Social Networking Enhancements

Admin Dashboard showing important selling metrics.

Two new servers added.

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