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Posted 12/29/2010 4:52:40 PM
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Not a hard and fast list but this is my current list of items to work on:

There are a couple of bugs which cause website errors on the 'recent items' ( when the item no longer is owned) and the 'continue shopping' ( I think only when not linked to Amazon )

I hope to fix both of those soon.

I know there are issues with sorting my date on featured items and custom category pages. The reason that has not be fixed is that I'd like to add multiple sorts to all pages.  That's coming soon.

I added support for the 'category 2' field that AOB supports.  I'll add a way for other inventory programs to send 2 categories when someone needs it.

That category2 shows on the left category list just like normal categories.  I realized that the ability of inventory programs to sent mulitple categories has other uses.  I will likely allow the use of category3-6 to be used in featured items and user category pages but not on the left menu.

I will be adding the ability to upload edit files that just contain the SKU and 1-many columns.  You can do that now through the normal tab-delimited upload but if you include SKUs that don't exist they 'can' ( in some cases) get added as a new item.  The 'edit only' upload would be safer. This would allow you to easily segment out groups of items outside of your inventory program.  An example would be the advanced category feature above. 

Coupons & Discounts - Coupons are pretty well supported but discounts are not.  Discounts are coupons that are based on actions the customer takes as opposed to having a coupon code.  An example would be: "Buy 2 of this group of items and receive $5 off" or "All orders over a $20" ship free.  This will probably be my first enhancement.

I'd like to enhance the ability to sell more add-on items on the cart page.  At a minimum display category/author related items below the cart.

I badly want to provide a way to choose standard website templates and colors.  This would provide a way to quickly have a base starting point for designing a website.

As always I'm open to your suggestions on features to add to the websites.


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