Setting Up Monsoon To Work With Your Website
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Posted 12/1/2010 11:22:21 PM
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The Monsoon utilities are in Testing right now.  No users should be using them without contacting us first...

Setting Up Monsoon To Work With Your Website




Monsoon is an inventory management program.  The goal of this document is to explain the process of transferring your inventory and order data from Monsoon to your WOBBookSite website.


Two types of data needs to be synced to your website. :


1) Inventory Data - This is a one way data transfer.  Adds/Edits/Deletes will be transferred from your Monsoon database to your website.


2) Order Data - Your website will provide order data to Monsoon and Monsoon will update your website the resolution of the orders.


Data moves between Monsoon and the website in two separate processes.


1) Data Exchange -  The Monsoon inventory program provides a method of data import/export from their database using a tool called 'Data Exchange'.  The data exchange process will automatically write out files of inventory changes to your hard disk.  It will also automatically import order files and write out order resolution files.


2) Website FTP Transfer - Monsoon's Data Exchange process will write out the data files to specific locations on your hard drive. These data files must be transferred to your website.  It is possible to manually upload these file to your website using a standard FTP transfer program or from the Inventory Menu of your website.  To make this task easier we have created a program that can be installed on your computer that will automatically transfer the files back and forth between your website and your hard drive.  These program can be run manually when you want to process your files or scheduled to run at selected times through your windows task scheduler.


Setting up Monsoon's Data Exchange to create website data files


  1. Run your Monsoon Inventory Program.
  2. Click the 'Settings' Tab.
  3. Expand the 'Markets' section on the left menu and click on 'Data Exchange'
  4. Click 'Add Data Exchange'
  5. Enter a name.
  6. Enter the four required directories for data exchange.  We recommend:
    1. c:\WOB\Inventory\Import
    2. c:\WOB\Inventory\Export
    3. c:\WOB\Orders\Import
    4. c:\WOB\Orders\Export
  7. 'Export Orders from all Data Exchanges' should NOT be checked.
  8. 'Disable confirmation emails for orders from  this Data Exchange' likely should not be checked.


Installing the WOBBookSites Monsoon to Website


  1. Open your web browser and go to:
  2. Click the 'Download Monsoon Inventory Utility' link.
  3. You should be given the choice to run or save the file.  Choose 'save' and allow the file to be downloaded.  Remember the directory the file is downloaded too.
  4. Once the file is downloaded... from the Start Menu open up your 'Computer' or Explorer and browse to the directory you downloaded the file too.
  5. Click on 'WOBMonsoonSetup.msi' (unless you downloaded it to a different name)
  6. You will now be running a typical installation program.  It is safe to take all the default choices.
  7. The installation program will add a folder to your start menu and on your desktop titled: WOBMonsoon
  8. In the folder will be 2 programs and a readme.txt.  The 2 executable programs will be 'WOBMonsoon Settings' and ' WOBMonsoon Transfer'. The readme.txt will contain copyright notices and a link to this article. 


Setting up the WOB Monsoon transfer program

  1. From either the Start Menu or the Desktop folder run the program: 'WOBMonsoon Settings'
  2. A program will run allowing you to enter setup information:
    1. FTP Host, User, Password - This information was sent to you when you signed up for our service.  The password is encrypted.
    2. Export Inventory Folder, Export Order Folder, Import Order Folder - These must match exactly the directories you entered in the Monsoon Data Exchange setup.
    3. Domain - You domain name without the http or www.  i.e.  This setting is not required if you are running on the new servers.
  3. Once these settings are entered click the 'Save & Exit' button.


Running a transfer for the 1st time

  1. When you setup your Monsoon Data Exchange the Monsoon system should have exporting inventory files to the directories you specified.  Use 'My Computer' or an Explore folder to verify there are files in your 'Inventory Export Folder'.
  2. Log into your Website Control panel in a browser and go to 'View Inventory Information' under the 'Inventory' menu. 'Files to Process' should be empty.
  3. From the Start Menu or the Desktop folder run the program: WOBMonsoon Transfer
  4. A command window should open and you will see a log of the file transfers as they happen.
  5. After the command window closes return to your browser and refresh the 'View Inventory Information' webpage.  The files that were on your computer should now be there.  If you look in the 'Inventory Export Folder' on your local computer the directory should be empty.  If both cases are true then the WOBMonsoon transfer was successful.
  6. After verifying the 1st transfer worked you are now ready to run the transfer program anytime you need to.


Scheduling Automatic Transfers


Windows allows programs to be scheduled to run.  It is possible you will need more options then the windows scheduler provides.  There are many scheduler programs available. The following directions are for Vista.  Other windows operating systems likely will have slightly different methods to get into the scheduler.


  1. Go to the Start Menu => Control Panel
  2. Go to 'System and Maintenance' .  ( Administrative Tools under XP)
  3. Under Administrative Tools click 'Schedule Tasks'
  4. Click 'Create Task'
  5. Enter the Name
  6. Under Triggers Click 'Add'
  7. Configure the times you want to process your files.  In general you want to do it daily.  If you are a high volume seller you can schedule it to run more often.
  8. Click 'New' under Actions
  9. By the 'Program/Script' textbox click 'Browse' and browse to the directory you installed the WOBMonsoon files in and choose 'WOBMonsoon.exe' and click 'OK'
  10. Click OK to save the scheduled task.
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