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Posted 7/8/2010 10:46:26 PM
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  • Websites run on new big fast servers.  We control how many domains reside on the servers allowing us to provide superior performance.
  • Websites no longer have to be linked to ( you lose Amazon images/product details when not linked to Amazon)
  • Can switch being linked to Amazon on/off to see which works best for your store.
  • No longer required to offer Amazon Payments. ( when not linked to Amazon)
  • No Signup Fees.
  • 30 Day Free Preview.
  • UK and Canadian sellers are supported.
  • We can categorize your inventory for you.
  • The website can check for images ( when not linked to Amazon )
  • We can read your inventory directly from Amazon. ( < 5000 listings )
  • Google Base (Froogle) Files can be created.
  • Sitemaps (for search engines) can be created.
  • You can upload inventory items outside of your main inventory source. ( a spreadsheet of ARCs could be added to your normal AOB listings)
  • Paypal Payments, Amazon Payments, Credit Cards and Google Checkout ( Using Mal's e-commerce ) Checkout Options.
  • If you choose to accept Amazon Payments... Images, Item Detail and reviews are automatically displayed on your website from Amazon.
  • Once setup, your website is almost maintenance free. We read your inventory directly from The Art of Books, Fillz, or Amazon..
  • We do not create just bookstores. Other media sellers are fully supported.
  • Highly Advanced Control Panel
    • Configure the Look & Feel of almost every section of your website.
    • Enter your website text using a Word Like application.
    • Featured Item Wizard - Walks you through building the featured item code.


WhiteOakBooks has been providing websites for media sellers since 1996.  We've had 1000s of happy customers over the years.

Please visit for more information



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