Adding your website items to Google Product Base ( Froogle )
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Posted 5/14/2010 5:19:08 PM
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Google no longers supports a Free Google Base


Only US and UK stores a allowed in Google Base.


You should use a payment method other then Amazon Paymentsl


You must have a Google Account.  If you have Gmail or adsense you already do.


Go to


Product Base is accessed by clicking the 'laceName w:st="on">MerchantlaceName> laceType w:st="on">CenterlaceType>' link.


From here you can create a Google Merchant Account.


You add your domain to your Merchant Account.  You must Verify and Claim your domain.  To verify your domain follow these instructions:



Then claim your domain.


Adding a Datafeed


Click the Datafeed link from your dashboard.


Click 'New Datafeed'


The Datafeed type is 'googlebase' and the name should be 'Froogle.txt'


Save Changes


Creating and uploading a datafeed


Log into your Website Control Panel


Click on 'Create Froogle Listing'


Click the 'Start Froogle Datafeed Creation' button.


Once the button is enabled again the datafeed is ready for downloading.


Right Click on the 'Froogle Datafeed File' link at the bottom of the page.


Choose 'Save Target As' and save the froggle.txt file to your computer. ( remember where you saved it)


Back in the Merchant account click the 'Manual Upload'


Browse to the 'Froogle.txt' you just saved.


Click the 'Upload and Process' button.


It takes some time to process.  The 1st time you upload they will have to approve the datafeed.


Approval is easier if you turn off the 'Do Not Use Amazon' in Shopping Cart Settings ( you can turn it back on after the datafeed is approved)


Google does not allow Amazon affiliate datafeeds and sometimes they think Amazon Buy buttons mean the website is an affiliate store.


Please contact me if you have any problems



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Posted 2/7/2013 6:36:16 PM
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I uploaded my Froogle.txt feed and received the following error for all products
"Missing required attribute: availability".
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