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Posted 1/4/2010 8:07:08 PM
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It is possible to upload any items up to the website that are not listed on as long as you have a non-Amazon Payment method enabled such as paypal or Mals.


You will need to create an upload file that is either TAB delimited or comma delimited. 


There are 3 required fields and several recommended fields.


The required fields are:  sku, price, and quantity


The recommended fields are:  author, title, book condition,  notes


If you include ISBN or ASIN then the website will pull book information from Amazon including image and category.


If you don't include ISBN ( or if Amazon does not have a category) you should include the field category


quantity should be 0 when you no longer own the item.


category should be in the format:  MainCat:SubCat1:SubCat2   ( for example  Books:Childrens Books:Educational


The file should contain the column names in the 1st line with the data following.  An example of a tab-delimited file would be:


sku, price,quantity, author,title,book condition,notes category

123,12.99,1, Jackie Vivelo, Beagle In Trouble, Very Good, Bumped Edges, Books:Childrens Books


You can upload and process your file from the main page of the website control panel using the 'Upload & Process Inventory Files'

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