DNS Server Changes (How To)
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Posted 8/19/2009 10:37:41 AM
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Hi Andy....We are interested in WOB hosting our web site. We have 2 registered domain names, the sites are hosted by justhost.com. The domain name we want to use on WOB's hosting is pennywisebuys.com. It is a parked domain or addon domain to our main domain on justhost.com. My question is:

Do I have to get a release from justhost.com to transfer pennywisebuys.com to WOB hosting? I was reading about EPP authorization code on justhost.com. Do I need to apply for that before transfer or is switching as simple as changing the DNS server settings? I hope I am making sense with these questions. JustHost.com explains how to transfer dot coms to their hosts which did not seem to entail use of an EPP Authorization code.

Thank you for your advice.

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Posted 8/19/2009 1:55:40 PM
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There are 2 components to domains. (that owners need to worry about)

1) Who it's registered with. The register (in general) hands the creating/edited/dns of a domain name. They are the ones that expose the domain to the internet and tell the internet where to go when accessed.

2) The nameservers/dns the domain points to. These are IPs (domains) that are published in relation to your domain name that tells the internet what server (IP) to get the webpages from.

It sounds like JustHost is both your register and your domains are now currently pointing to their hosting.

Changing (2) to point to my servers is all that is required and these days the change takes only hours to complete.

However... it looks like JustHost is mainly a hosting company and they resell the register service.

There is always a danger leaving your domain name registered to a smaller hosting company and I recommend moving it to a larger one such as godaddy. Then it's easy to pick who you want to host the webpages.

Moving registers is harding and takes 1-2 days but since your domains are parked now would be the time to do it.

You would go to godaddy to initiate to process and will have to buy more year(s) to your domain. Make sure your contact information is correct on your domain because you will get an email that has to be answered to confirm the move.

Pointing the domain to my servers is fairly trivial no matter who hosts the domain.

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