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Posted 8/18/2009 12:57:15 AM
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Dear Booksellers,

Amazon recently made some changes to how there data is accessed which resulted in some significant modifications of the website software.

While implementing the changes in the software I quickly came to realize I would have to do a full internal software upgrade so support them.

While the move from ASP.Net version 1.4 to version 3.5 has been in the works for months there was now an urgency to complete the upgrade to meet Amazon's deadlines.

It also meant that all websites had to be upgraded at once.

During the weekend starting Friday the 14th my host and I have been upgrading the websites almost non-stop.  The majority of work was done overnight although on Sunday about 10 websites had 1-2 hour outages.

I made every attempt to verify that every website was upgraded and tested but with the amount of websites converted I'm sure there were several missed.

If at the bottom of you home page the version does not say: '3.50' or '3.51' then your website was missed and you need to contact me.

I have found 3 issues with the new software:

1) Error accessing the 'Cart Settings' page.
2) Error accessing the 'User Defined' setup page.
3) Changes made in the HTML editor not taking effect.

#3 is an issue with the new Editor.  If you change to the Preview Mode before saving ( the magnifying glass on the bottom ) it will save properly.

I am trying to find a fix for #3 and if I do not have one if a few days I will switch editors.

1 & 2 are fixed in 3.51 but I am waiting for #3 to be fixed before upgrading all the websites.
If you need 1 or 2 fixed right away on your website please let me know.

Please let me know if you have any issues with the new software on my forums at:


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