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Posted 1/19/2009 6:38:18 PM
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There are several common features through out the WOBBooksite Control Panel.  This topic describes how to use them.


Colors and the Color Picker


You can either enter the color Hex number yourself or pick the color from the color picker.


Where you can enter colors the control is a square with the current color followed by an editable box with the color hex number in it.


To use the color picker just click on the square with the current color in it then click the color your want.


To directly enter a color enter the 6 digit Hex number along with the # symbol. (i.e. #CCCCFF )


Uploading Images


Images really enhance the look of a website.  The most common of course is your logo but you can also add background images to most of your website along with images added throughout your context.


To upload an image ( or any other item) to your website click the ‘Upload Files and Images to your website’ link under the ‘Website Tools’ heading from your main website control panel.


This page is pretty simple. 


You have a typical Browse button that lets you browse through your computer for the image you want to upload. 


There is 4 choices of where on your website to upload the image/file to.  Uploading to the main image directory is the default.


Click the ‘Upload’ button to actually upload the image.


In the various editors you can see a link to the right of image fields with text similar to ‘Upload Background Image’ .  This is a short cut link to the above file/image uploader.


This shortcut JUST uploads the image… it doesn’t fill in the name of the image you just uploaded to the editor.  ( i.e. if you click the ‘Upload Logo’ link and upload your logo you still have to put in the logo file name  in the ‘Logo: ‘ field)


Text Editors


Thoughout the website control panel you enter text for the website through the text editors.


This is a Word like editor and is pretty easy to use.


To a certain extent avoid using a lot of the color/font/size settings in the editor because that will override any other settings you set on that page.


An HTML mode is provided for advanced users.  Never put in HTML you do not understand.



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