Steps for setting up a website Post 1/1/2013
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Posted 6/5/2013 12:42:51 PM
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These steps are only for those websites that were created after 1/1/2013.

What are the procedures for setting up a website:

  1. Sign up for the service (

    • When you signup through these links you are actually signing up for a hosting account on my servers.

    • You enter you contact information here.

    • You pay for your service here.

    • You can setup your email here.

    • You can access the Web Traffic statistic packages here.

  2. If you do not already have a domain name you must purchase one.www.GoDaddy.comis one of the most popular ones.They cost around $15/year. When purchasing a domain you should setup your nameservers (this tells the internet where to find your website)Enter:

  3. If you already have a Domain name you can point it to our servers. Change your nameservers to:

  4. WARNING – If you current get your email through this domain then read this article first:

  5. It is not a requirement for your domain to point to your website right away.You can configure your website 1st.

  6. Once you have paid your account will be created.This will generate several emails to you.They contain account information.Save them off somewhere.

  7. Once you receive these emails you can setup your email accounts if you wish to.

  8. If you use AOB you need to setup a custom Venue:

    • Go to Settings – Venue Setting on AOB

    • (The FTP Host is in the email you receive or by signing into your hosting control panel and clicking the ‘FTP Manager&rsquo

    • Custom Venue 1 FTP Display Name– Whatever you want to name it.

    • Custom Venue 1 FTP Host– ‘Host Name’in the control panel or email.

    • Custom Venue 1 FTP Username– ‘Login’ in the control panel or email.

    • Password– The password you created your account with.

    • Format– AOB Tab-Delimited

    • Custom Venue 3 FTP Directory –YourDomainName/Inventory ( example: )

    • Check the ‘Pull Orders’ checkbox.

    • Check the ‘Active’ checkbox.

  9. If you use Fillz you need to setup a custom Venue:

    • Go to Settings – Marketplaces on Fillz

    • Click the 1stavailable Custom Configuration and set the following values

    • (the following two values can be found in the email you receive or by signing into your hosting control panel and clicking the ‘FTP Manager&rsquo

    • FTP Hostname– FTPhost/domain/inventory where FTPhost = ‘Host Name’in the control panel or emailand domain = your domain minus the www. ( example: )

    • Your FTP User ID at Custom #1– ‘Login’ in the control panel or email.The login you created.

    • FTP Password– The password you created your account with.

    • Order Retrieval Path:– orders ( remove the ../ )

    • File format– UIEE

    • Do not set any other values

  10. If you use another inventory product you will need to manually upload your inventory from the Website Control Panel

  11. Once the above steps are done I will verify I can read your information off of Amazon and if you use AOB or Fillz, that I am receiving files from them.

  12. I will then build your website.Website building almost always happen the evening you signup.If I have problems reading your data or if it is a weekend or if multiple orders come through on the same day then it might take an additional day or two.

    1. I will keep you informed of my progress during this time.

  13. IMPORTANT –Sometimes the content of the emails you are sent cause email SPAM filters to flag our emailas spam emails and the emails do not go through.

  14. After I build your website I will send you a link to your website look & feel control panel.

  15. The 1sttime you try to access this link you will be prompted to enter a Login Name/Password.

  16. You are then free to setup your website.The 1stlink on your Website Admin control panel is a checklist listing every item you need to setup before your website goes live.

  17. I like to let new users try to setup their website themselves.I believe the basic setting up of site is fairly easy.But I am always available to help setup the website.If something is not working let me know.

  18. After the basic website is configured do not burn yourself out working on the site.Remember this is a long term project.

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