Transferring Your Domain Without Email Disruption
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Transferring Your Domain Without Email... Expand / Collapse
Posted 12/29/2007 2:06:02 AM
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If you currently have a domain and receive email through it you must follow several steps in the correct order to prevent the loss of email.

When you sign up for the WOBBookSite server and enter your domain name you have not transferred your domain… you have just told my servers that an account and disk space is assigned to that domain name.

To transfer your domain to actually point to your website on my server you change your domains name servers.

A domain name server (DNS) allows your browser to take a domain name and translate it into the IP address of my server. It is like a big phone book.

When you change your domain name to point to my server ( & your domain name becomes paired with my servers IP address.

(It is, of course, much more complicated then that. Here is a more detailed explanation:

There is not one single computer that holds the DNS of your domain…. It is spread out across multiple servers.

So when you change your domains nameservers to point to my server… the change slowly makes its way across the internet.

So for a short time some browsers will see your domain pointing to my servers and some browsers will see your domain pointing to your old server.

To make matters worst, some IPS cache up the DNS and only update it at scheduled times.

So for a short time your email can go to your old server or to my server depending on the path it takes through the internet.

So to prevent loss of email you must plan on being able to receive email on both servers.

Here is the correct order of steps to take

1) Sign up for my service.

( - Step 3) This creates an account on my server and allows you to pay for the service. This process generates a lot of emails. One of the emails will give you information on how to log onto your hosting account and one will give you information on how to transfer your domain. Do not do that yet.

2) Once you get the transfer email log onto your account.

3) Click on the email account Go down to the ‘E-mail Setup Functions’ and click ‘New E-mail’

4) Enter the email address, (should be the same as your current one) Click the ‘Mailbox’ checkbox, enter your password, and at the bottom of the page click the ‘Submit’ button

I am always happy to create email accounts for you. Just send me the account names and passwords you want.

DO NOT Transfer your domain until you do Steps 1-4 or you will lose email

If you only use webmail and not an email client such as Outlook Express then you are all set.. you can transfer your domain. You will have to check both your old webmail and your new webmail for a few days.

It is not a bad idea to continue to use your email client (outlook ect.) for your old email server and use webmail for the new server until the change is fully complete

If you use Outlook Express:

1)Do not delete or modify your current email account on Outlook Express.

2)In Outlook Express go to Tools | Accounts and click the Add Button.

3)Enter your Display Name (make it different then your current one for right now)

4)‘Next’ and enter your email address.

5)‘Next’ and enter your servers… they will both be

6)‘Next’ and add your account and password. The account it the and the password is what you entered in the control panel.

7)Click Finish and you are ready to go.

Your Outlook Express will now receive email from both your old and new server until the entire internet has updated their DNS servers to point to the new servers.

If you use Eudora

For most of the internet the update of the DNS servers only takes 1-4 hours. Unfortunately some ISPs still take up to 48 hours. If email is real critical I’d leave the old account active for a week.

Once you are sure all email is going to your new account then you can delete the old account from Outlook Express.
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Posted 1/31/2008 7:24:08 PM
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Am using Vista (Windows Mail).

Have tried using the Outlook Express set up like procedures to no avail.

Seem to be getting in to the servers, but no mail is coming in via Windows Mail. Webmail interface is working.

Scooter Trash
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