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Posted 1/24/2012 6:07:55 PM
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I looked at your home page and studied your web site offerings. You have several features that I really like so I am considering using your service. Since I currently use Art of Books for inventory control I posted a message on their forum asking if folks were satisfied with White Oak Books. Two people responded; one was happy and the other complained about customers not being able to access his site all the time. Then in a separate post, the satisfied user tried to access their site and received a long error message. She asked, "what is going on here"? The previously mentioned dis-satisfied user stated that was the error message many of his customers received as well. He emailed Andy but did not always get an answer and evidently, Andy was unable to solve the problem. Could someone at White Oak explain what is going on and reassure me that reliability is no longer an issue?
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Posted 1/26/2012 12:27:47 AM
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I did not see the negative posts although a year or so ago I know one of the long time AOB users ended up unhappy with my service and support.  I ask that my customers use these forums and not email because email is fairly unreliable.

Last summer my host moved their datacenter from florida to texas. A lot of servers.  When each server was moved the permissions had to be reset on any of my customers websites on that server.  Occasionally one was missed and they received errors until they notified me.

Over the years Amazon has made huge changes how their data is accessed.  Occasionally that has caused problems with a few websites.

In general any critical issues with the websites are addressed quickly once I am notified.


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